Venue Services
Our services are designed to support member Stadiums, Arenas, Exhibition Halls, Theatres and other venues that are looking to access additional event content and/or programming opportunities.
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Content Distribution
We provide a gateway for producers and promoters to access a large number of member venues and vice versa, via a single point-of-contact. This approach will improve touring efficiency, increase purchasing power and optimise cost reductions, whilst providing increased sales to our members.
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Consultancy Services
In addition to venue and content services (including venue management), the Venue Content Agency has the specialist know-how and capability to develop and deliver live-entertainment concepts, exhibitions, corporate events, and strategies to help you achieve desired acquisitions and deliver marketing communications services.
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Venue Content Agency is an independent consultancy agency primarily involved in the entertainment industry providing benefits, services and products to its members as:

  1. Increase programming by identifying content opportunities and assessment of its commercial viability
  2. Planning and negotiation of terms
  3. Providing benchmark and evaluation reports
  4. Strategic alliance with international Arena network groups, promoters and producers
  5. Business and product development, sustainability projects, sponsor acquisition, marketing intelligence, customer experience concepts, operational and service excellence programs.

“Venue Content Agency is an agency with outstanding credentials. We love delighting audiences, and we have done just that for Endemol, Holiday on Ice, Stage Entertainment, Global Spectrum and the NEC Group”


“We have started Venue Content Agency as a solution to a problem that we have seen time and time again; the ability to to source quality content and increase sales.”

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