Venue Content Agency is part of a fast growing network representing Venues all around the world providing its services with the primary goal to assist the Venue in scouting the required productions which fit the prospect target groups in a specific geographical or economic service area.
By collaboration with both the European Arena Association and Arena Network US (together over 75+ arenas in the US, UK and Europe), we provide producers and promoters access to a large number of key venues via one point of contact.
The ‘strength in numbers’ policy creates several opportunities for venues as well as content providers optimizing touring efficiency and provide incremental sales.
Each venue is unique as a building, opportunities and its market approach, Venue content Agency offers consultancy and representative services supporting you to achieve your targets.

Membership services include i.e.:
Referrals & scouting :
introducing productions and concepts to venues
First right to content :
offering unique content opportunities firstly to members
Deal making :
facilitate, negotiate and coordinate performance contracts for members and consult venues and/or third parties in negotiations to formalise performance contracts
Booking & availability platform :
digital platform providing venues and producers with up to date information in relation to venue and production planning availability, artwork, legal templates technical riders etc.
Video Conferencing :
calls with Venue Content Agency and Venue Member(s) to update venue about new productions, content initiatives, current tours, operational excellence and news updates
Consultancy :
each member venue receives immediate consultancy support on request to support day-to-day business and/ or projects
Scouting :
research and advising in booking of international touring productions
annual entertainment- and /business review- and outlook event
Website & social media : additional service providing members exposure via Venue Content Agency website and social media
Report & analysis:
field research and tour updates through ‘production opportunity reports’ in relation to i.e. ticket sales, attendance, crowd behavior, merchandise, marketing and/or turnover initiatives, costs, press
Helpdesk :
for legal, strategic, financial and operational queries loyalty benefits: negotiating discounts and added value propositions with producers and suppliers
Templates & documents :
Venue Content Agency templates to support its members


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