Venue Content Agency aims to reignite the international live events industry by providing an essential and impartial link between venues and content.
We are a fully committed agency with the sole purpose to support and assist venues in their scouting and research for additional or new content opportunities.
Our services focusses primarily on arenas, exhibition halls and locations seeking access to content and/or increased programming of their calendars. We also service stadiums, theatres and festival locations with specific (touring) opportunities.
Venue Content Agency is an agency that offers an efficient no-nonsense service, ensuring that you receive the expertise you require .
We provide producers and promoters access to a large number of key member venues via one point of contact. As a result the Venue Content Agency improves touring efficiency, increases purchasing power & cost reductions and provides incremental sales to its members. Our business method includes templates for marketing strategies, deal models, riders and contracting, allowing for an efficient negotiation and [booking-] process.
Our venue services include:
– Scout and identify content opportunities
– Provide ‘Production Opportunity Reports’
– Asses commercial viability of content
– Online availability and booking platform
– Negotiate terms & conditions
– Support in finding (co)-promoters
– One point of contact: service and support towards and during engagement
– Settlement
– General templates for members
– Conference call member updates
– Webinars and academy possibilities for employees


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